Creativity & Focus

These soothing and stimulating sounds serve as a catalyst for a clear mind and innovative thinking. By inducing relaxation, they free the mind from distractions and blocks, allowing unrestricted mental exploration.

Integrating these audios into your daily routine boost creativity and productivity, fostering a more creative mindset in various aspects of your life.

Focus and Priority

This audio is composed of simple sounds, calming and creating balance and order. Listen at the end of the day to organize your ideas and thoughts.

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Creativity and problem solving

Facilitate the quest for creative solutions and answers. Its bilateral stimulation with specific frequencies enables an alternative perspective and promotes lateral thinking, making the exploration of new paths and innovative approaches easier.

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Emergency Audio

Before a stressful meeting

This audio is designed to prepare you before stressful meetings, fostering self-esteem and mental clarity. It enhances your confidence and presence when facing any interaction, making you feel empowered and serene.

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Emergency Audio

After a frustrating moment

This audio utilizes bilateral stimulation to balance the brain hemispheres and pure frequencies to stabilize the mood. Enjoy its calmness and emotional balance whenever you need it.

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