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Help your team to face difficult situations with emotional balance
Together we enter a dimension of Well-being, Harmony and lasting Health
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Audio sessions to restore balance and harmony in the workplace and daily life

Silvina Mazzola

Silvina is a scientific researcher on the effects of sound on health and the creator of Sense Sound. She is also a renowned Musician, Pianist, and Composer.

25 years helping people

Silvina has worked, studied and researched sound therapy for more than two decades. During this time she has helped hundreds of patients in very complex situations.

Sounds developed for business

After years of study and work in business environments, she has developed a group of programs specially designed to improve work performance and stress managment.

Available anytime, anywhere.

From this platform, she makes her top business programs available, as well as emergency audios to help immediately face difficult situations in the workplace.

Our Programs

Help your team to reduce stress and improve their job performance

Free the mind from distractions and blocks, allowing unrestricted mental exploration.

Boost motivation by awakening vitality and determination through specific resonances.

Calm the mind and balance emotions to make a positive contribution to workplace relationships. 

Take a mindful moment to tend to your emotions and well-being whenever needed.

What is Sense Sound ?

Sense sound is a set of well-being techniques, supported by neuroscience, based on the study of sound and its acoustic principles in relation to health and stress management. 

Sound Therapy - Balance Emergency Audio

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Emergency sounds

Five minute audios to help you overcome stressful situations

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