Silvina Beatriz Mazzola

Sound Therapist, Musician, Pianist, and Composer.

Silvina is a scientific researcher on the effects of sound on health and the creator of Sensibilización Sonora – Sense Sound, a set of well-being techniques based on the study of sound and its acoustic principles in relation to health and stress management. 

She composes binaural beats based on Pure Tones and has developed sensitization protocols that incorporate ancestral techniques drawn from her studies in ethnomusicology (guided by the prestigious ethnomusicologist, Ana María Job) and various explorations of ancient healing methods. She has conducted research in countries such as Mexico (where she traveled multiple times to offer courses and sessions), Poland, Indonesia (participating in the Gamelan Ensemble of the Embassy of Indonesia), among others.

Silvina is also a Senior Piano Professor, who has been performing concerts since 1991, and is a member of Unión Argentina de Compositoras de Música (Argentine Union of Women Music Composers), a prestigious entity integrated by outstanding personalities of national and international music.

Her compositions for various instrumental ensembles are geared towards incorporating her sound therapy research.

Her recent performances as a pianist and composer include:

• Templo Libertad, Buenos Aires, May 2023
• National University of Rosario, June 2023
• Astor Piazzolla Conservatory, Buenos Aires, • June 2023, alongside the Contemporary Music Ensemble of Rosario

She worked as a research advisor at the Faculty of Arts at the Central National University , presenting several scientific publications, including the following conference papers:

• “Sensory Maps”
• “Sound in the Training and Education of Actors,” GETEA Congress, August 2008
• Scientific publication “The Staircase,” Unicen, March 2009
• “Sound Envelopes and Connection to Emotional States,” GETEA Congress, August 2009
• “Voice – Culture and Voice – Essence: A Path towards Pure and Personal Sound in Verbal Language Intonation,” GETEA Congress, August 2013

She collaborated on sound and health research with the Sound Engineering department at the University of Rosario, led by Dr. Federico Miyara.

She gathered research data from visually impaired individuals in collaboration with the Apronovid institution in Tandil City in 2011.

She directed the “Sonorous Waste” project, which involved 10 educational institutions in Tandil City, studying sound pollution and health in 2010. She also led the creation and construction of the “Sonorous Park,” a sensory journey through the forest to encourage active listening to nature.

She has been invited to various radio and TV programs in Tandil, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Peru, Spain, and Mexico.

In recent years, she has focused on delivering courses, retreats, and training sessions in Peru, Mexico, England, Spain, France, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and the USA. This has led to an intense travel schedule, providing her with numerous experiences across different cultures and human perspectives.

She has honed her sound therapy skills through training with individuals such as Federico Miyara, Alexandre Tannous, Eben Alexander, John Beaulieu, Karen Newell, Mitch Nur, Jeff Volk, and Dana Gae in the United States.

“The ears have no eyelids.”  Murray Schafer

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